An Introduction

When I finished my degree back in May of this year I told myself I would start a blog. I didn’t really know what I would write about, but I wanted something that would encourage me to continue writing as a hobby, rather than as a requirement.

I did some research into the best websites to create a blog on and I genuinely had the intention of having a regular place I could write out my thoughts instead of in the notepad that sits on my bedside table.

Now, six months after I finished my studies and a month after I graduated university, I’m actually starting.

I still don’t have any idea of the direction I want this to go, but I think that is the beauty of it, that I can write about whatever I want. Right now I don’t care if nobody but me even reads what I write. Right now I just want to have a place where I can ramble and in the process tick off something that has been on my to-do list for half of 2016.

I am going to aim to write a blog post as regularly as I have a decent thought. I’ll be writing about my life, as personal or as ordinary as it is, book and music reviews/recommendations, feminism and my original writing.


Megan x



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